Eight senses and analyzes data such as breathing rate, slept hours, and bed warming to maximize comfort while sleeping.

Time Manager

The app offers a sleek, translucent calendar widget, even if you do not work shifts, you might use it as simple calendar Widget on your main screen or lock screen( starting from 4.2 android version).


This app with a simple and intuitive interface has a very quick and easy way to keep track of your mood.


Make events to encourage people to give! Donate your birthday, a wedding or a holiday to raise money for something you care about.


Schedulr helps you access and manage your schedule anytime, from your smartphone.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to be useful for far more than just gaming. We provide the most complete, effective, and fun way for people to be together when they are not in the same physical space.

Red White Taxi

The Red & White Taxi app offers a quick and easy way to make a reservation in as few as 3 taps.